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An Important Message to All Members of the SETI Institute's Community

An Important Message to All Members of the SETI Institute's Community

one species

At the SETI Institute it is our mission to advance humankind through achievements in research, space exploration, STEM education and the search for life beyond Earth. Our quest embodies some of humanity’s best qualities, embraces a hopeful outlook for the future and includes all people.

Recent events, however, compel us to turn our attention to issues of equality and social justice and to speak out against racism in all its manifestations.  We cannot be passive or silent. Now is the time for all of us to stand together and stand as one, in support of Black people and all people of color who face bias and violence, and to listen to those who are testifying to their experiences and calling for justice. 

For too long, questions of injustice and inequality have gone unanswered. We are committed to seeking change and building an inclusive scientific community that welcomes diversity in all its forms. We invite the opportunity to hear ideas about how to bring about substantive change and will work to foster change in our own community by reaching out to organizations that support Black and underrepresented scientists and professionals.                   

As citizens of planet Earth, we need scientists, explorers, teachers and leaders who represent the full diversity of humankind to join us on our journey of discovery. And to Black people the world over, and particularly here in America, we want you to know that you are not alone.

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