Welcome to Hat Creek Radio Observatory

A SETI Institute Research Facility

We are home to the Allen Telescope Array, the only instrument designed specifically for the purpose of conducting SETI research.

If you are interested in visiting HCRO, we are located approximately 300 miles NE of San Francisco, in Shasta County, California. A self-guided tour is available during opening hours.

Our visitor hours are:

Thursday-Friday9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

WARNING: HCRO is an active research site. Cell phone signals can interfere with ongoing operations. When you visit, cell phones and other GPS equipment must be turned off.

Full time Staff

Andrew Siemion
Dr. Andrew Siemion, Bernard M. Oliver Chair For SETI Research
Vishal Gajjar
Dr. Vishal Gajjar, Astronomer, ATA
Alex Pollak
Dr. Alexander Pollak, Science and Engineering Operation Manager, HCRO
Wael Farah
Dr. Wael Farah, Postdoctoral Scholar, ATA
Carol Shumaker
Carol Shumaker, Site Maintenance Technician
Mark Masters
Mark Masters, Technician

Collaborators and Consultants

David DeBoer
Dr. David DeBoer, Management and Operations
Jack Hickish
Dr. Jack Hickish, Digital Signal Processing ATA
Derek Kozel
Derek Kozel, GNU Radio, ATA
Todd Koumrian
Todd Koumrian, Software and Control, ATA
Cherry Ng
Dr. Cherry Ng, Project Scientist, COSMIC/Meerkat
Sofia Sheikh
Sofia Sheikh, NSF MPS ASCEND Postdoctoral Fellow

Contact: Please email info@seti.org if you have questions.