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Geminids Meteor shower Dec. 12 -15, 2017

Geminids Meteor shower Dec. 12 -15, 2017

CAMS tracks the annual meteor shower.

Geminids meteor shower

People interested in seeing this year's Geminids meteor shower may want to come to California. The weather forecast is good and the Moon is out of the picture. Data from our Cameras for Allsky Meteor Survellance (CAMS) meteor shower video surveillance project, with stations in the San Francisco Bay Area, are now reduced during the day and presented here:

The Geminids are the green blob at low northern ecliptic latitudes. Several other showers are active, too, each marked in color with blue being slow meteors and red fast meteors. Choose today's date in the "Pick a date" window at the top of the page to bring up the list of meteor showers (under "All networks"). Each point is the direction from which a meteor approaches Earth, projected onto the celestial sphere in sun-centered ecliptic coordinates (with stars in gray). Hover to get the meteor number, and click to see that shower in a planetarium setting.

The Geminids should be visible from December 12-15, peaking on the 13th. Additionally, on December 16, the asteroid Phaeton will pass so close to Earth that it will be possible to see it moving between stars.

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