Fast Radio Bursts


New Fast Radio Burster: Why the excitement?

One of the most interesting stories to come out of this week’s meeting of the American Astronomical Society is the announcement that astronomers using the new CHIME radio telescope in British Columbia have found another repeating fast radio burster, or FRB.

Artificial Intelligence Helps Find New Fast Radio Bursts

New detections mark the first time that machine learning techniques have been used to directly detect a fast radio transient.  Successful application of
Green Bank Telescope

FRB 121102: Radio Calling Cards from a Distant Civilization?

It’s a signal that begs for superlatives.  The Breakthrough Listen project recently announced the detection of 15 pulses of radio energy from an object known to the astronomy community as FRB 121102.
Parkes Telescope

What’s Causing Those Mysterious ‘Bursts’ From Deep Space?

They are blasts from the past, shrieks from the black abyss of the universe unlike anything ever found before. And they are deeply mysterious.