Voyage to the Northwest Passage

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Voyage to the Northwest Passage

Tags: SETI Institute, Partnerships

Time: 09 - 25 September 2024 -

Location: Cruise from Greenland through the Canadian Arctic

Voyage to the Northwest Passage
September 9-25, 2024
Speaker: Dr. Uma Gorti, Astronomer/Star and Planet Formation


  • Star and Planet Formation: Stars and planets form deep within the densest parts of molecular clouds of hydrogen in galaxies when gravity overwhelms all other forces. Follow the unlikely birth story of stars and their resultant planetary systems.
  • Astrochemistry: Where does everything come from? Hydrogen and some helium were made in the first three minutes at the beginning of our universe. Follow these elements on their journey from the beginning of the universe to everything we know in our world today.

Your Arctic Discovery voyage leaves from Greenland, and circles around Baffin Bay in the Canadian Arctic. Then you’ll sail to the Northwest Passage among mountainous icebergs, charming fjords and some of the world’s most active glaciers. Spot polar bears and narwhals, discover landscapes covered in arctic willow and purple saxifrage, encounter Inuit communities, and explore a spectacular region visited by some of history’s greatest explorers.