Under Alien Skies: A Sightseer's Guide to the Universe


Tags: SETI

Time: Thursday, Feb 22, 2024 -

Location: Online

Phil Plait, aka the Bad Astronomer, has been communicating and correcting space science since the turn of the century (sorry, Phil!). His first book, "Bad Astronomy", tackled numerous misconceptions and myths about astronomy and space missions. His second book, "Death from the Skies!", took a look at a variety of ways the world will end. Now, in his latest book, "Under Alien Skies", Phil becomes a tour guide to the cosmos, taking us all on a trip through the universe to marvel at the wonders of other worlds, distant star systems, and mind-blowing phenomena.

Communications specialist Beth Johnson will chat with Dr. Plait about his latest book and just what wonders await us in our solar system and out amongst the stars.

Headshot credit: Marcella Setter