SXSW 2024


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Tags: SETI

Time: 08 - 16 March 2024 -

Location: Austin, TX

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This year the SETI Institute will be running a panel discussion on March 8:

The quest for E.T. accelerates as humanity’s technology advances. Powerful tools and global collaboration aim to detect signals from alien civilizations. If we find them, understanding and responding will pose unprecedented challenges. Two ground-breaking scientists will join with an artist who staged a revolutionary piece of global theater called A Sign in Space: creating and transmitting an “extraterrestrial” message to be decoded and interpreted by SETI professionals and the public. Can we unite the People of Earth to be prepare for a message from the real E.T.?

The conversation will be moderated by Dr. Franck Marchis and include SETI AIR artist Daniela DePaulis along with Dr. Shelley Wright and Dr. Wael Farah.