Spirit of the Celts

SETI Institute Event

Spirit of the Celts

Tags: SETI Institute, Partnerships

Time: 24 May - 04 June 2024 -

Location: Cruise through the heart of the British Isles

Spirit of the Celts
May 24 – June 4, 2024

Speaker: Dr. Douglas Caldwell, Planetary Science/Exoplanets


  • Extrasolar Planets - from Speculation to Understanding: In the last three decades, we have gone from speculating about the existence of exoplanets to confirming more than 5,400 of these planets orbiting other stars. Discover current scientific understanding of exoplanets and learn about what scientists hope to do next.
  • Earth as an Exoplanet: To help us better understand the limited information we get from observations of exoplanets, scientists are developing technology that will allow them to observe the Earth from a distance.

Join us on a journey of discovery as we embark on a cultural exploration cruise through the heart of the British Isles. From Portsmouth's historic port to the Scottish Highlands' rugged beauty, you'll visit some of the most fascinating and enchanting destinations in the world. Along the way, immerse yourself in local cultures and traditions, and explore this remarkable region's rich history and heritage.