SETI Talks - Unveiling ‘Oumuamua and its Mysterious Visit to Our Solar System

SETI Talks

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Time: Wednesday, Jun 28, 2023 -

Location: Online

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Get ready to unravel the mysteries of 'Oumuamua, the captivating cosmic messenger that has puzzled scientists and enthusiasts alike since 2017. We are thrilled to invite you to a thought-provoking panel discussion, with two distinguished speakers, Jennifer Bergner and Olivier Hainaut, who will shed light on the true nature of this celestial phenomenon alongside Berger’s recent research published in Nature.

Olivier Hainaut, an esteemed astronomer at the European Southern Observatory, will guide us through 'Oumuamua's extraordinary journey through space, providing insights into its unique trajectory and peculiarities. With a deep understanding of cosmic dynamics, Hainaut will present the latest findings and theories from scientific observations.

Jennifer Bergner, assistant professor of chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley, will unravel ‘Oumuamua’s fascinating characteristics that have sparked debate and intrigue in the scientific community. Drawing from her work, Bergner will present a comprehensive analysis of its orbit and activity, offering valuable insights into its potential origin and nature. It could be a comet, after all.

Our panelists will exchange ideas and explore various hypotheses and interpretations surrounding 'Oumuamua's enigmatic nature through a discussion with SETI Institute Senior Astronomer Franck Marchis. Prepare to be captivated as they present a balanced and informative forum encompassing scientific facts, emerging theories, and thought-provoking possibilities.

Join us for this engaging event, where the scientific community and enthusiasts alike will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of 'Oumuamua and engage in a meaningful exploration of its mysteries. Let's come together to unravel the secrets of this celestial visitor and expand our knowledge of the vast universe we inhabit.

Jenny Bergner

Jenny Bergner is an assistant professor in the Chemistry department at UC Berkeley. She received her PhD from Harvard in 2019, followed by a NASA Sagan postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Chicago. Her research is focused on understanding the volatile chemistry at play in star and planet forming regions, and how it influences the outcomes of planetesimal and planet formation.

Olivier Hainaut

Olivier Hainaut is an astronomer at ESO who works on integrating the upcoming Extremely Large Telescope in the overall science operations of ESO. He did his PhD at the University of Liège (Belgium) on icy bodies in the solar system and a post-doc at the Institute for Astronomy (IfA) at U.Hawaii. He has worked at ESO's La Silla and Paranal observatories in Chile, where he was in charge of the VLT's science operations. His research focuses on minor bodies in the solar system, especially their surface properties and cometary activity at large heliocentric distance. He contributed to the observations of 1I/`Oumuamua.

This SETI Talks will be online only and will not be live streamed on social media, please make sure to register for access to this event.