A Possible Discovery of Advanced Intelligent Life in Outer Space, With Historical Examples: Either Three Kardashev Type-III Galaxies or Novel Variability in Dusty Galaxies



Tags: SETI

Time: Friday, Sep 17, 2021 -

Location: Online

As we look deeply into the Universe, we see what looks like a wilderness. No compelling detection of life, whether bacterial or more complex, has ever been made. But then, if there is intelligent life in outer space, how could we recognize it over such vast distances? We'll explore three the discovery of three Kardashev Type-III galaxies, since they have variability in visible light reminiscent of that of Boyajian’s star (KIC 8462852). Kardashev Type-III galaxies are hypothetical galaxies in which advanced intelligent life forms are using a large fraction of the energy of the galaxy. If this variability is not caused by advanced intelligent life, whatever it is, it can cause the central engines of these galaxies to fade aperiodically by as much as 20%, 30%, and 360% for each of these three galaxies. With Frederick Ringwald, California State University, Fresno and Simon Steel, SETI Institute.

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