MIT Club of Northern CA: SETI Lightning Talks

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SETI Lightening Talks

Tags: SETI, Astronomy, Astrobiology, Planetary Protection, Education, AAA, Extremophiles, Mars, Moon

Time: Wednesday, Feb 03, 2021 -

Location: Online

Come join us for lightning talks from the SETI Institute's CEO and 7 scientists working on research relevant to the search for, and understanding of, life beyond Earth.

8 five-minute talks from the SETI Institute including:

  • Bill Diamond, President & CEO: Meet the Institute
  • Nathalie Cabrol, Director, Carl Sagan Center for Research a the SETI Institute: Extreme Environments on Earth and the Search for Biosignature on Mars
  • Pascal Lee, Senior Planetary Scientist:  Ice-Rich Lava Caves on the Moon and Mars
  • Margaret Race, Senior Research Scientist:  It Takes More than Science & Technology:  Addressing Real World Complexity while Searching for ET Life Nearby
  • Dana Backman, NASA Airborne Astronomy Ambassador Principal Investigator: The Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors: Teacher professional development at 40,000 feet
  • Carol Cleland, Professor, Dept of Phillosophy and Director, Center for the Study of Origins, U. Colorado, Boulder, SETI Institute Affiliate: How to Search for Extraterrestrial Life without a Definition of Life
  • Pamela Such, Associate Professor of Planetary Geology, Astrobiology and Space Resources, National University of Tucuman, Argentina.  SETI Institute Affiliate: Space Resources – A New Era for Humankind
  • James Boyd, Researcher, econometrics, AI/ML, data and policy, technology strategy, The New School, Boulder, Co.  SETI Institute Affiliate: Hypothesis Generation in SETI

Registration is required. Free to MIT Club members, $19 for non-members.

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