From Magna Graecia to Greece

SETI Institute Event

From Magna Graecia to Greece

Tags: SETI Institute, Partnerships

Time: 28 August - 05 September 2024 -

Location: Cruise through the Mediterranean

From Magna Graecia to Greece
August 28 – September 5, 2024
Speaker: Dr. Mark Showalter, Planetary Astronomer


  • The New Horizons Mission to Pluto and Beyond: An Insider’s View: Mark Showalter was a member of the New Horizons science team for its historic flybys of Pluto in 2015. Mark will discuss this pioneering mission and its scientific significance. He’ll also explain what life was like behind the scenes at New Horizon.
  • The Chaotic Worlds of the Outer Solar System:  Dive into the world of planetary rings and moons with Mark. Discover what was learned on the Voyager flybys of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, and find out how the seemingly simple laws of physics can sometimes lead to remarkable results.
  • The Antikythera Mechanism: An ancient shipwreck was discovered off the coast of the tiny Greek island of Antikythera in 1900. Among the artefacts recovered was an astronomical clock - pre-dating the invention of the geared clock by 1200 years! Learn about this deeply fascinating discovery.

Discover the wonders of the Mediterranean on this voyage in partnership with Chopra (more details below). Experience the rich history, culture, and cuisine of Sicily, Italy, Albania, and Greece. Sail through sparkling waters, and discover ancient cities, charming islands, and stunning landscapes. Explore the ruins of a legendary oracle, cruise through a narrow canal carved into rock, and imagine seeing the spectacle of a real volcanic eruption.