Lunar Exploration and Analysis Group Annual Meeting


Tags: Planetary Exploration, Planetary Protection

Time: 14 - 15 November 2018 -

Location: Columbia, MD

The theme of this year’s meeting is Progress and Preparation Toward Exploring the Surface of the Moon.

The 2018 LEAG Annual Meeting will bring together science, industry/private sector, and government personnel to discuss lunar exploration priorities and collaboratively work to maximize the science and exploration benefit from new opportunities such as the Science Mission Directorate (SMD)-led Lunar Discovery and Exploration Program (LDEP). No abstracts will be solicited for LEAG 2018. Instead, invited talks, panels, breakout groups, and community discussions will center on four main goals:

  • Provide programmatic insight to the community about the new opportunities offered by the new Science Mission Directorate (SMD)-led Lunar Discovery and Exploration Program (LDEP) and provide a forum for community feedback;
  • Explore the implications of the LDEP on the 2023–2033 Planetary Decadal Survey and take the first steps toward establishing lunar exploration priorities for the next Decadal;
  • Facilitate collaborations between commercial lunar service providers and the scientific community to accomplish science objectives and close strategic knowledge gaps;
  • Provide a forum for community updates and input into activities of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter as its team develops priorities for the coming years.

Margaret Race, Senior Research Scientist at the SETI Institute with expertise in planetary protection will speak: Blending Exploration and Uses of the Moon --  Planetary Protection & Environmental Management Considerations,

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