Learn About the LaserSETI Project!



Tags: Laser SETI, SETI Institute, SETI

Time: Tuesday, Apr 12, 2022 -

Location: Online

LaserSETI (https://www.seti.org/laserseti) is an ambitious project to simultaneously observe the entire night sky, looking for laser pulses from beyond the Earth-Moon system. After deploying its second observatory at the summit of Haleakala on Maui, Hawai'i, the team has successfully started the next phase to deploy ten more instruments to four more observatories -- three of them new sites. SETI Institute's Director of Optical SETI, Eliot Gillum, will speak with communications specialist Beth Johnson about this unprecedented program.

This SETI Institute Giving Day, April 12, 2022, we're raising $6,000 so the team can invest in an automated software deployment platform to save days of time manually building each instrument. And if we meet this goal, a generous donor will make an additional $5,000 donation. Will you make a gift today? https://donorbox.org/laserseti-giving-day-project

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