High Arctic of Svalbard

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High Arctic of Svalbard

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Time: 10 - 20 July 2024 -

Location: Cruise through the High Arctic

High Arctic of Svalbard
July 10-20, 2024
Speaker: Dr. Michael GarrettScience Advisory Board, Radio Astronomy/SETI


  • Exploring the Cosmos for Signs of Extraterrestrial Life: The question of whether we are the sole intelligent inhabitants of the Universe has intrigued humanity for millennia. Join Professor Garret on an exploration of the possibility of technically advanced societies beyond our solar system.
  • Unveiling the Mysteries of the Universe: Advances in Astronomy and the Future of Space Exploration: As science hurtles forward into the cosmos, we’re confronted with the stark reality that the universe still guards many of its secrets with a cosmic shroud. Learn what pieces of the puzzle are missing in order for us to become a truly spacefaring society.
  • Radio Astronomy’s Odyssey: From Cosmic Whispers to the Square Kilometre Array: Embark on a journey through the history of radio astronomy, from the serendipitous discovery of cosmic radio waves at Bell laboratories to the cutting-edge technologies that have redefined our understanding of the universe today.

Discover the rarely visited High Arctic. Sail from Tromsø through the wilderness of Bear Island, and explore the icy landscapes of the Svalbard archipelago. Marvel at the Monacobreen Glacier, listen to Alkefjellet’s bird cliff, and take in Svingeldalen’s vistas. Cruise around Cape Lee and Dolerittneset before venturing to Koefoedodden on Hopen Island. Then stop at the village of Skarsvåg before heading to Alta, 'the city of the Northern Lights'.