Greenland to Nova Scotia exploring the Canadian Arctic

SETI Institute Event

Greenland to Nova Scotia exploring the Canadian Arctic

Tags: SETI Institute, Partnerships

Time: 25 September - 10 October 2024 -

Location: Cruise from Greenland to Northern Canada

Greenland to Nova Scotia exploring the Canadian Arctic
September 25 – October 10, 2024
Speaker: Bill Diamond, SETI Institute CEO


  • The Search for Life Beyond Earth – How it Works, How it’s Going, and Why it Matters: Humans have long pondered the question ‘Are we alone in the Universe?’ Learn how Swan Hellenic connects its passengers to extraordinary destinations all over the world that connect directly to the research of the SETI Institute.
  • Astrobiology, Field Expeditions and the Search for Life Beyond Earth: This talk explores the fascinating work of astrobiologists in the field and in the lab and how their work connects to the study and search for life beyond Earth and a better understanding of life right here at home.

Visit parts of the legendary ice-filled route that challenged great explorers on this epic Northern Canadian Discovery voyage. Sail from Greenland through the iceberg capital of the world, and gaze in awe at the straits and fjords crammed with huge icebergs. Watch out for caribou and polar bears on the northern Canadian coast, and you’ll get the chance to hear the stories of the indigenous Inuit people, and discover whaling sites in Newfoundland.