First Friday: Moving to Mars

Public talks

Pascal Lee

Tags: Mars, Mars Institute, Education, NASA Missions and Observatories

Time: Friday, Dec 02, 2022 -

Location: Oakland, CA

This year, in early December, it will be the best time to view Mars and it is a great time to look forward to NASA’s Mission to Mars. Join NASA and SETI Institute scientist Pascal Lee as they explore the beauty of the Martian landscape and discuss how art has influenced modern spacecraft and rocketry. The event will showcase a 1/4 functional scale model of the Curiosity Mars rover along with fun hands-on activities that will spark your imagination. Delve into some space art making for the whole family and learn things behave differently in the vacuum of space than they do under the influence of a Martian atmosphere. Come experiment with how different materials behave in a real vacuum chamber to understand why atmospheric pressure is so important! Music, beer, wine and food available .