Earth at the Crossroads II: A Cosmic Perspective on Environmental Crisis


Earth at the Crossroads II: A Cosmic Perspective on Environmental Crisis

Tags: SETI, Planetary Exploration, SETI Institute

Time: 17 - 19 April 2024 -

Location: Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

Leveraging the foundation laid by the first “Earth at the Crossroads” event in 2021, the forthcoming 2024 iteration seeks to deepen and enrich its discussions, establishing itself as a pivotal gathering at the nexus of science, philosophy, and global environmental guardianship. This event, a joint effort by the SETI Institute and Georgetown University, acknowledges our world’s complex challenges—from the quest for extraterrestrial life to tackling the urgent climate issues confronting our planet. “Earth at the Crossroads 2.0” is set to ignite an inclusive conversation among diverse global voices.

The 2024 agenda is poised to explore the ramifications of recent space explorations, particularly the discovery of exoplanets in habitable zones, and how these findings influence our perceptions of life’s durability and scarcity. The conference will bring together a multidisciplinary panel of experts, including astrobiologists, climate scientists, ethicists, and technologists, to discuss the convergence of extraterrestrial research and Earth’s sustainability efforts.

Addressing the persistent environmental crises, “Earth at the Crossroads 2.0” will highlight innovative solutions, from cutting-edge eco-friendly technologies and conservation methods to policy initiatives to reduce climate change impacts, biodiversity loss, and environmental harm. Through workshops and collaborative activities, participants will be encouraged to engage directly with these issues, promoting a collective sense of responsibility and fostering a global community committed to environmental stewardship and exploration.

NOTE: This event is by invitation and the Georgetown University community only.