Costa Rica & Panama Canal Discovery

SETI Institute Event

Costa Rica & Panama Canal Discovery

Tags: SETI Institute, Partnerships

Time: 20 - 30 April 2024 -

Location: Cruise to Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia

Costa Rica & Panama Canal Discovery
April 20-30, 2024

Speaker: Dr. Benton ClarkScience Advisory Board, Biophysics/Space Science


  • Are We All Martians?: Scientists have now discovered that a certain group of rocks, some found in Antarctica and others in African deserts, are actually from Planet Mars. Discover how they might have got there and what the future of humans on Mars looks like.
  • How to Build a Robot for Exploring the Planets: It’s more than just rocket science. Learn about the latest Rovers now driving around Mars. They are not just the most expensive cars ever built; they are also the only ones capable of sustainably operating on Mars.
  • Searching for Life in Our Solar System, and Beyond: From the planetary bodies around us that could have hosted life at one time in their history to the search for intelligent beings in the furthest known universe, the search for life beyond our planet is comprehensive, complex and endlessly fascinating.

Gaze at amazing glaciers and icebergs as you sail from Ushuaia to the wilderness of the South Shetlands. Immerse yourself in the magnificent landscapes of Antarctica. Meet Adelie penguins and snow petrels on the South Orkneys. Explore South Georgia and encounter the world's largest macaroni penguin population. And observe some of the world's rarest animals on Gough Island and the islands of Tristan da Cunha, before ending your trip in Cape Town.