Arctic Adventure: Unveiling Moon and Mars Exploration on Earth!


Pascal Lee and Devon Island YouTube Thumbnail

Tags: Field Expeditions, Mars

Time: Thursday, Aug 10, 2023 -

Location: Online

Tune in to this week's SETI Live broadcast, beamed directly from Devon Island in the Canadian High Arctic. This exceptional locale serves as a remarkable analog, mirroring the conditions of both the Moon and Mars. Dr. Pascal Lee and his team have embarked on an expedition where they're putting spacesuits, drills, and cutting-edge technologies through rigorous trials, all destined for potential deployment in the human quest to explore the Moon and Mars. Beyond the technological trials, the team will also explore the local geology and microbiology, delving into this unique terrain's mysteries. 

Join SETI Institute CEO Bill Diamond as he discuss this exciting research and fascinating location with Dr. Lee, live via Starlink from the Arctic.

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