Elizebeth Varghese

Elizabeth Varghese

Elizebeth Varghese is a business leader, trusted C-suite advisor, and board director, Elizebeth transforms talent, organizations and furthers strategies with solutions in emerging technologies, artificial intelligence, blockchain and robotics. She is a Board Member of the Columbia Business School Women’s Circle and the Co-Chair of the Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology committee.

Elizebeth recently published her internationally acclaimed book “Stellar SingularityNavigating the Spacefaring Economy”. Global experts ranging from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) program leaders, the US Space Force Command, and The UK Space Agency reviewed and praised the book as providing a roadmap for the historical and technological developments through to shifts in democratization, policy, and value chain realization. Elizebeth has been called the “Space Philosopher”—because she integrates the technological aspects of our expansion into space with imperatives for economic, diplomatic, and ethical behavior.

Elizebeth also authored a bestselling book on the application and implications of blockchain, titled “[Block]Chain ReactionThe Future of How We Live and Work”, which was referred to as “The go-to book if you want to understand what permissioned blockchains can do for you”.

Elizebeth is also a bestselling author for “Significant Women: Leaders Reveal What Matters Most”. She is recognized as among the Top Experts and Inspirational Leaders of 2022 per The HR Gazette, and “The Outstanding Asian Americans in Business” awardee in 2021. She was also recognized as among the Top Global Influencers of 2022 (and 2020) for HR Strategy and Analytics.

Elizebeth is the lead Partner / Principal for Deloitte’s Space Economy Acceleration Practice and leads Workforce Strategies for Finance and Technology Talent. Prior to this, she was the Partner leading IBM’s Talent and HR Transformation Strategy client services globally, and for the Americas. She was the community leader for IBM’s Space Exploration Services, and a member of IBM’s “Good Technology” team. Elizebeth has also been a Sr. Partner at Ernst & Young (EY), Aon-Hewitt and at Hewitt Associates.

Elizebeth has MBAs from both, the Columbia Business School, and the London Business School. She also has a Master’s  from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, and a Bachelors in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Mumbai, India. She lives in New York City with her husband, two daughters, and their Yorkie—Chutney.