Elizebeth Varghese

Elizebeth Varghese

People & Technology Strategist
Member of the SETI Institute Council of Advisors

A Top 100 Influencer in HR for 2020, Elizebeth is the Global Leader for Talent & HR Reinvention Strategy Client Services. She is also the market leader for five high priority businesses at IBM North America and a member of IBM’s Working Team on Good Technology. Elizebeth values creativity, and a thoughtful, collaborative approach to uncover the best thinking. She deploys artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics and leading technology to create powerful business, employee and HR experiences. She is also a Finance Committee member, and active Board member at SAYA, a non-profit providing after-school programming, education and college support.

While growing up in Mumbai, Elizebeth spent many evenings watching the stars; and “Cosmos.” Elizebeth’s mother who is a Nuclear Chemist and her father a Botanist, cheered on and supported all her interests. Elizebeth is focused on encouraging her own two daughters, and inspiring other parents do the same.

Elizebeth is an advocate for reason, math, and the algorithms of probability. Her work at the intersection of People and Technology reminds her to center humanity at the heart of all endeavors and strive to uncover the magnitude of what we don’t know, and still need to learn. Through her involvement with the SETI Institute, Elizebeth is working to champion education and programs inspired by the scientific principle set to song - “.. we are stardust, billion year old carbon...”

Elizebeth has MBAs from both, the Columbia Business School, New York and the London Business School, UK. She also has a Masters in Management from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, and a Bachelors in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Mumbai, India.