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The SETI Institute, the California Academy of Sciences, NASA Ames Research Center, and San Francisco State University have developed standards-based curriculum materials for a one-year high school integrated science course centered on the unifying theme of evolution and delivered on CD-ROM (now as downloadable files). Scientists, teachers, curriculum writers, and media specialists have created six modules that integrate astronomical, geological, and biological sciences. The sequence of lessons in each module is designed to promote students' understanding and skills as defined by the National Science Education Standards and Benchmarks for Science Literacy.

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VTT - Cosmic Evolution

1. Cosmic Evolution

VTT Planetary Evolution

2. Planetary Evolution

VTT - Origin of Life

3. Origin of Life

VTT - Evolution Of Life

4. Evolution of Life

VTT - Hominid Evolution

5. Hominid Evolution

VTT - Evolution of Technology

6. Evolution of Technology