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Delve into a Year of Discovery with Explorer

Delve into a Year of Discovery with Explorer

Follow the research of the SETI Institute with Explorer Magazine.

Explorer Magazine

2017 was a pretty incredible year, and for the SETI Institute it was out of this world. Really.

SETI Explorer magazine

The new issue of Explorer Magazine highlights some of the groundbreaking work that happens at the SETI Institute every day. From working on NASA missions such as Cassini to developing space science badges for the Girl Scouts of America to engineering new ways to search for signals from extraterrestrial life, our scientists and educators lead the way in an effort to answer the question, “Are we alone?”

Many of the things we do, including field expeditions, outreach programs, and SETI search endeavors are possible because of the generosity of SETI Institute donors – thank you one and all. 

You can see a digital of Explorer here.

We’d also love to know what you think. Please email us with questions, comments, and ideas for future issues of Explorer.

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