Cristina Star Ryan

Cristina Star Ryan

Transformative Education Entrepreneur | Scientist | Ethical Leader.
Member of the SETI Institute Council of Advisors.

Cristina is a multipotentialite whose greatest talent is to develop and implement transformative programming. She believes the cause and cure for the dire issues facing humanity are grounded in personal and cultural values. Her work aims to utilize education to awaken healthy values, unlock human potential, cultivate supportive community, and empower with tools to live balanced healthy lives in the modern world. 

A decade of study and research in the hard sciences, two decades of dedicated buddhist/yoga/indigenous study and practice, plus an entrepreneurial spirit has cultivated a rare synergistic vantage currently being utilized to share transformative mindfulness and emotional intelligence programming for individuals in research and technology fields (STEMC).

Drawn to the questions that arise where fields intersect, Cristina earned her degree in Physics from UC Berkeley. Her research has spanned River BiochemistryAstrogeophysics (UC Berkeley), Isotope Geochemistry (Lawrence Berkeley National Labs), Climate Change (University of Michigan Space and Planetary Science Department), Observational Astronomy at Infrared Spatial Interferometer with Charles Townes PI (UCB Space Sciences Labs), and she is published in the Astrophysical Journal. Each of these interdisciplinary areas are relevant to the search for exolife, and she is excited to contribute to SETI Institute in an advisory capacity.

Cristina is interested in participating in conversations regarding ethical codes in long term cultural planning, business, technology, and space exploration/colonization as well as training the next generation of scientists.

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