Christine Dawood

Christine Dawood

Trustee of The Dawood Foundation. 
Member of the SETI Institute Council of Advisors.

Christine Dawood embodies visionary leadership at the intersection of entrepreneurship, psychology, and philanthropy. As a trustee of The Dawood Foundation and Senior Vice President at Engro Corporation, she supports impactful initiatives in education and community development, drawing upon the rich cultural tapestry of her German-British heritage and embracing the Dawood Family’s legacy of social responsibility.

With a passion for coaching and organizational psychology, Christine founded Next Step Now and maintains affiliations with coaching and psychology associations, including the International Coaching Federation and the British Psychological Society. Her expertise, honed through dual master’s degrees from Saïd Business school, University of Oxford, and Kingston University, underscores her commitment to continuous growth and self-improvement.

Christine’s dedication to education extends to advisory roles at Saïd Business School and Beaconhouse National University. Beyond her professional aspirations, she advocates for women’s equality, inclusion, STEM education and mental health, championing causes that drive positive societal change. 

A nature lover at heart, Christine’s curious spirit fuels her quest to learn about the world’s wonders, inspiring others to embrace the unknown.