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Ask SETI Institute Scientist Matt Tiscareno a Question about Cassini

Ask SETI Institute Scientist Matt Tiscareno a Question about Cassini

A video Q&A with Saturn specialist Matt Tiscareno, in conjunction with his collaboration with Topcoder.

Cassini Spacecraft

The spectacular Cassini spacecraft has been studying the Saturn system, including the planet, its rings and its moons, and sending never-before seen images and data back to scientists on Earth since 2004. On September 15, 2017 Cassini’s mission will come to an end with a dive into Saturn’s upper atmosphere.

SETI Institute scientist Matt Tiscareno is one of the scientists who has been deeply involved with the Cassini mission. He has studied aspects of Saturn’s rings including the embedded propeller-moons and the intricate structure being revealed by Cassini’s Grand Finale. He also helped to prove that the moon Enceladus has a global ocean under its icy shell.

Matt and other SETI Institute scientists, as part of their work with the Planetary Data System, have been working with the Topcoder Community, a global group of designers, developers, programmers, data scientists and algorithmists, to develop algorithms that find anomalies in Cassini images of Saturn’s rings. As part of this work, Topcoder is hosting an event in which anyone interested in Cassini can submit a question about Cassini’s science mission, Saturn, and its rings. Questions will be accepted from July 11 until July 18, 2017 at 12 AM EDT. Matt will answer selected questions in a video that will be shared with everyone. Questions from the Topcoder community will receive priority, but everyone is welcome to submit a question.

You can read more about Topcoder here. You can submit your questions about Cassini to Matt here.

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