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2021 Activity Report of the SETI Institute

2021 Activity Report of the SETI Institute

Activity Report 2021

If we thought 2020 was an extraordinary year, we all continued to be challenged and surprised by both obstacles and opportunities. Regarding the pandemic, there were times when we thought we could see the light at the end of the tunnel, only to be confronted with new variants and renewed restrictions. Thanks to experience, we learned how to more effectively work and collaborate in online environments while still being frustrated by experiences and interactions that don't translate well.

The people of the SETI Institute remained committed to excellence, finding their way back into the field and labs, collaborating where and however they could and pushing forward with research, discovery and expanding the body of human understanding of our universe.

SETI Institute scientists published more than 200 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals, continued to participate in scientific conferences, despite the challenges of remaining online for many of these, participated in media interviews, public presentations and social media livestreams. The stories they shared were compelling:

  • The Mars Perseverance Rover landing
  • The first FRB detection at the ATA
  • Field testing of new spacesuit technology for Mars and Moon exploration
  • The installation of a second LaserSETI observatory in Hawai’i
  • The launch of the NASA/SETI Institute Community College Network
  • Exoplanet detections from both TESS and Kepler data
  • New learning about what causes landslides on the surface of Mars

In addition, several of our scientists were recognized with prestigious awards and honors, published books, supported NASA missions, had new research funded, mentored students and early career researchers, contributed to committees and working groups throughout the scientific community and generously shared their learning, experience and wisdom.

We celebrate their accomplishments and look forward to more in 2022.

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