Updating Policies for Space Exploration and Use - Balancing Science, Technology and Activities in the coming Decade


Tuesday, March 26 2013 - 12:00 pm, PDT
Margaret Race
SETI Institute

space policyCurrently , the UN is studying questions of long term sustainability of space activities-- but there is scant focus beyond Earth Orbit as they deliberate updated policies. Most space activities have occurred in LEO and GEO over the past 5 decades-- and have involved a variety of activities and launchers..  BUT...On the moon and other celestial bodies, governments and scientists have had essentially exclusive use. Considering the increased numbers of commercial stakeholders, new spacefaring countries, and diverse plans for uses of planetary surfaces and resources, there are many issues ahead that will require thinking about stewardship and use of space environments. The space science community is key to generating new information and understanding-- but also is a very active stakeholder interested in continued studies of 'pristine' and natural space environments. How do we all work together in planning effective and justifiable space policies for the decades ahead?    


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