Summary of Workshop on Interspecies Communication


Tuesday, October 21 2014 - 7:00 pm, PDT
Laurance Doyle, Lori Marino, Denise Herzing
SETI Institute, The Kimella Center, Wild Dolphin Project

In this event, a group of interdisciplinary scientists will participate in a SETI colloquium to summarize and discuss a two-way workshop held to explore nonhuman communication research. Participants for this two-day workshop include scientists who currently work in one of three areas: animal communication, information theory, or astrobiology/intelligence.

The panel will explore and discuss the implications for SETI and astrobiology at this colloquium, including ideas about new tools and techniques that may provide insight into advanced communication systems and intelligence. This summary will be followed by a panel discussion and open to the public for questions.

If we can define complex communication systems on Earth, we may be able to develop tools for potential future assessments of life on other planets. It is expected that this initial workshop and colloquium on nonhuman communication will lead to a working group and future workshops to continue to address this important area of exploration.

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