The enigma of planetesimal formation: theoretical developments on cold-disk protoplanetary turbulence and small particle assembly


Tuesday, March 29 2016 - 12:00 pm, PDT
Orkan Umurhan
NASA Ames and SETI Institute

The riddle of planet formation is a key question in solar system studies. Models of the disk formation process show that there are regions where the disk can be turbulent, and regions where it is dynamically quiet. The quiet zones are called 'Dead Zones'.

The implication that Dead Zones are widespread in planet forming protoplanetary disks has sparked renewed interest in assessing the dynamical state of these Dead Zone objects.  

In this talk Dr. Umurhan will review the basic problems relating to the dynamical activity of cold protoplanetary disks, which will include a review of various recently identified turbulence generating mechanisms and how they bear upon the assembly of planetesimals and the formation of our Earth, our solar system and countless other disk systems across the universe.


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