Conformal gravity: New light on dark matter and dark energy


Tuesday, June 18 2013 - 12:00 pm, PDT
Robert Nesbet
IBM Almaden

dark matter Dr. Nesbet will describe (in layman's terms) implications of a theory that differs from standard particle physics and cosmology only by imposing a universal symmetry principle. This theory has been found to explain dark energy and dark galactic halos without invoking dark matter. Subgalactic phenomenology (relevant to our solar system) is retained.

The model postulates that strict conformal symmetry (local Weyl scaling covariance), already satisfied by standard fermion and gauge boson theory, can be extended to all elementary massless fields. This modifies Einstein-Hilbert general relativity and the Higgs scalar field model. No new physical fields are introduced.

Dr. Nesbet will show that conformal gravity and a conformal Higgs model fit empirical data on galactic rotational velocities, galactic halos, and Hubble expansion including dark energy. By implication, dark matter is not needed for an isolated galaxy. This model appears to be a promising tool for understanding both cosmology and elementary particle physics.

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