When Will We Find Life Beyond Earth?


Tuesday, May 03 2016 - 12:00 pm, PDT
Nathalie Cabrol, Seth Shostak, Mark Showalter, Fergal Mullally
SETI Institute

Panel: Nathalie Cabrol, Seth Shostak, Mark Showalter, Fergal Mullaly – SETI Institute

Is this the generation that will discover extraterrestrial life?  Some scientists have opined that we’ll find other living beings – whether they be microbes on other planets or intelligent beings in another star system – within two decades.  An energetic panel of SETI Institute astrobiologists will discuss why both science and technology give support to the idea that we may soon prove that Earth is not the only world where life has arisen. Audience Q&A follows panelists.

Join us for a special tribute to Bill Borucki at noon as we kick off the panel discussion.

Today’s SETI Talk coincides with Silicon Valley Gives Day, and Microsoft is the lead corporate sponsor for this honored tradition of Silicon Valley philanthropy. Visit SETI Institute’s giving page and consider making a donation to support our research, outreach and education. In support of our work, Microsoft will host a lunch for today’s guests. Lunch begins at 11:30 am.


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