REU Students Lightning Talks


Tuesday, August 16 2016 - 12:00 pm, PDT
REU students
SETI Institute

The SETI Institute REU students Class of 2016 will summarise their summer projects in exciting 3 minute lightning talks!

REU Program at SETI Institute
Student Mentor Title
Sean Corrigan Virginia Gulick The Story of Hale Crater's Gullies
Patrick Carlson Alfonso Davila Modeling Deliquescence Driven Atacama Microclimates as Mars Analog
Brian Lopez Matthew Tiscareno Testing Machine-Learning Algorithms to Find Propellers in Saturn's Rings
Nicholas Duong Michael Busch) Boulder Mapping on the Asteroid 1992 UY4
Jasmine Garani Franck Marchis, Eric Neilson Finding Planets in K2: A New Method of Cleaning the Data
Miles Currie Fergal Mullally, Susan Mullally Finding Planets in K2: A New Method of Cleaning the Data
Rayna Rampalli Joseph Catanzarite Calculating the Occurrence Rate of Hot Jupiters
John Santiago Peter Tenenbaum, Douglas Caldwell Analyzing bright straps in TESS images
Leah Weston Gerry Harp Searching for the Wow Signal Through Radio Obserations
Morgan Henderson Uma Gorti CO Emissions in Middle Aged Debris Disks
Pierre Casco Friedman Freund Infrared Reflection From Rock Surfaces When Stresses are Applied


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