SETI Institute - History, the Institute Today, and Plans for the Future


Wednesday, April 09 2008 - 12:00 pm, PDT
Tom Pierson
SETI Institute

The Colloquium Series changes pace from our normal scientific discussions as SETI Institute CEO Tom Pierson invites everyone to join in a conversation. How did the Institute spring to life? What events punctuated its evolution? Why does the Institute have a Carl Sagan Center? What is the state of the Institute today? And what might the future bring?

From humble beginnings in a trailer at Ames Research Center, to modern facilities on Whisman Road in Mountain View, the SETI Institute truly has evolved over the past 24 years. From the beginning, the Institute’s mission has been to conduct, support, and encourage a broad range of research and educational activities intended to improve humankind’s understanding of the nature, prevalence, and distribution of life in the universe. This work encompasses SETI, astrobiology, and science education efforts funded from a wide variety of public and private sources.

Tom will survey the past and present of the SETI Institute, and also provide some thoughts on how he sees the future, highlighting some of the things that senior management and the Board of Trustees are focusing on. It is hoped that this colloquium will truly be a conversation with the plenty of audience participation. All SETI Institute staff and interested supporters or collaborators are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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