Quantum Astronomy: Extending the Weirdness of Modern Physics to Cosmic Scales


Wednesday, January 09 2008 - 12:00 pm, PST
Laurance Doyle
SETI Institute

Is the weirdness of aspects of quantum physics confined to the microscopic? Can one trade off information at the detector, thereby changing events that should have already taken place in the past? By increasing ignorance can one actually learn something new that could not have been learned with less ignorance? Does quantum physics recognize time as defined by general relativity, and vice versa? In this seminar we'll discuss how to use the uncertainty principle as a quantum eraser in a cosmic-scale double-slit experiment -- the double-slits being gravitational lenses millions to billions of light years distant. Hopefully by the time of the seminar, our first official paper will have been accepted by The Astrophysical Journal. Anyway, if history can be changed, it won't matter. 

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