Moon Express - Pioneering the NewSpace Frontier


Wednesday, July 06 2011 - 7:30 pm, PDT
Bob Richards
Moon Express, Inc

The health of our home planet and the survival of our species will only be secured through the use of space resources and the expansion of Earth's economic sphere to the Moon and beyond. Creating an off-Earth economy and multi-planet civilization will safeguard the long term prospects of humanity.

Bob Richards is Co-Founder and CEO of Moon Express, Inc. (MoonEx), a privately funded lunar transportation and data services company competing in the Google Lunar X PRIZE competition and awarded a lunar services contact by NASA worth up to $10M, Bob has seen both sides of the private-public space question, being front and centre on a number of NewSpace initiatives and having played a key role in the NASA Mars Phoenix Lander mission. 

In this talk Bob Richards outlines how a carefully planned private Moon mission could set in motion the technological, political, legal and regulatory precedents that will allow humanity to rationally and peacefully embrace and develop the Moon as the world’s eighth continent.

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