How to speak to your computer - Spoken Dialogue Systems on the ISS and beyond


Wednesday, July 15 2009 - 10:46 am, PDT
Dr. Beth Ann Hockey
Adjunct Associate Professor of Linguistics & Senior Research Scientist, UC Santa Cruz

Science fiction is clear that our future includes conversations with our machines; think of HAL or the Star Trek computer. In 2005, the Clarissa Procedure Assistant made a step toward that future, when its use on the ISS made it the first spoken dialogue system in space. Dr. Beth Ann Hockey, project lead for Clarissa, will describe the science and technology behind that system, and examine uses of this technology in space and on earth, interacting with robots, wheelchairs, cars and software. Dr. Hockey has been project lead and developer on dialogue systems such as Clarissa and the UCSC experimental in-car system for Ford Motors, a core developer of the Open Source Regulus tookit used to build these systems, as well as doing research on targeted help systems, language modeling, parsing and grammar development, prosody, turn taking and focus.

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