Exploring Alternative SETI Search Algorithms with the ATA


Wednesday, December 16 2009 - 12:00 pm, PST
Gerry Harp
SETI Institute

 As a novel, many-element interferometer, the ATA supports radically different observing modes than any single-dish, yet performs very well in single-dish mode using beamformers. The cutting edge technology of ATA allows simultaneous data processing in 3 different modes: spectral imaging, ultra-high resolution single-point observing, and high speed data capture. The latter mode allows the application of any algorithm you can imagine on time-series data.

In this talk Dr. Harp describe several new or "almost new" SETI algorithms that have been explored or implemented on the ATA. Recent results from prototype SETI observations are shown. These new algorithms are contrasted with standard SETI analysis and Dr. Harp will show how they may augment the search on next generation of SETI analyzers.

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