The EvoGrid: Building an Origin of Life Simulator & Its Implications for Life, the Universe and Everything


Wednesday, January 20 2010 - 12:00 pm, PST
Bruce Damer
DigitalSpace and

Bruce Damer will present the current state of the EvoGrid, a worldwide, multi-disciplinary project to simulate the chemical origin of life on Earth or as it might have occurred elsewhere in ours or other universes. When operational in 2010 the prototype EvoGrid will employ a central grid of computers to generate "digital primordial soups" and then, inspired by SETI, an even larger set of observer computers operating as @Home screen savers will be employed to look for signs of emergent complexity within the soups. While we are not expecting bona fide alien forms of digital life to emerge from the EvoGrid any time soon, the experiment will present long term profound implications for science, religion, and perceptions of our place in the universe. 

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