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"Kepler has been a paradigm shift—starting with the first data release in 2010, the second in 2011, and the third in 2012, we have altered our SETI search strategy. We are no longer pointing our telescopes at Sun-like stars in hopes of finding something: we are now observing stars where we KNOW there are planets. Exoplanets are real. We’ve gone from having 20-30 potential targets to having thousands of targets. Kepler is telling us WHERE to look, and we are focusing there.

SETI research experiments are funded by private donations, limiting how quickly we can search these newly-discovered planets for intelligent life,” said Jill Tarter.  “The best reason to support SETI research is because it is an investment in our own future.  The scientist Phil Morrison said that ‘SETI is the archeology of the future.’ Think about it. If we detect a signal, we could learn about THEIR past (because of the time their signal took to reach us) and the possibility of OUR future.

Successful detection means that, on average, technologies last for a long time. That's the only way another technological civilization can overlap with us in time and space. Understanding that it is possible to find solutions to our terrestrial problems and to become a very old civilization, because someone else has managed to do just that, is hugely important!  Knowing that there can be a future may motivate us to achieve it.”

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