Anne Dimock
Director of Development

Anne Dimock joined the SETI Institute in 2015. She oversees all the efforts to raise private support for the Institute. She has worked within the nonprofit sector her entire career raising money for great organizations. Her work at other nonprofits reads like an ascending ladder of coolness – the Science Museum of Minnesota; Kaua`i Habitat for Humanity; Sempervirens Fund, protecting redwood forests. What could top any of that? Working for the SETI Institute, of course.

Anne comes by her interest in SETI Institute’s work honestly. Her father, an electrical engineer for Bell Labs, worked for NASA on Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions. She remembers being allowed to take the scale model of Apollo 11 to grade school where she demonstrated all the rocket stages, the command, service and lunar modules, to her dropped-jaw 5th grade classmates. She’s still that cool. And still that excited to help today’s SETI Institute scientists.