Kepler Education and Public Outreach: A SETI Institute Project

Grant #: NNX13AB61G
Senior Scientist: Edna DeVore


The SETI Institute (SI), in collaboration with Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS), UC Berkeley, and the NASA Ames Research Center Office of Public Affairs (PAO), proposes to conduct the Education and Public Outreach (E/PO) work for NASA’s Kepler Mission, FY 2013 through FY 2016.  The tasks described in the tables on pages 2 – 6 of this document are drawn from the “Kepler Mission EPO proposal: 2012 Senior Review” proposal submitted December 15, 2011 jointly by SETI Institute, Lawrence Hall of Science and NASA ARC PAO.  The proposal was approved by NASA Headquarters at the same time as the extended mission was granted for the scientific work.  Edna DeVore, a Kepler Co-I, is responsible for the Kepler E/PO work being managed at the SETI Institute.