Experiments to investigate Coherent Backscatter from atmosphereless bodies

Grant #: NNX13AN21G
Senior Scientist: Adrian Brown

NOTE: This is a resubmission requested by NASA PGG (Mike Kelley) of a proposal that was funded for one year in 2010 to build the instrument and construct the microspheres. The instrument is now built and the samples constructed - this proposal is forwarded in order to fund the research and experiments to be conducted with the instrument. 

We propose to conduct a set of controlled laboratory experiments to investigate the nature of coherent backscattering from high albedo, atmosphereless solar system bodies. We propose to use artificial microparticles of well-known shape, packing, size distribution and optical properties, to test the assertion that coherent backscattering can be used as a diagnostic tool for remotely investigating physical and geophysical characteristics of high albedo atmosphereless solar system bodies.