CIRS Investigations of Planetary Rings

Grant #: NNX11AO81A
Senior Scientist: Mark Showalter

This is a new, five-year proposal to support the work of CIRS co-investigator Dr. Mark Showalter on behalf of the Cassini Project. It is a successor to our current cooperative agreement, NNX06AC85A. The predecessor agreement has supported the Cassini-related activities of Dr. Showalter and his SETI Institute colleagues Dr. Stu Pilorz, Robert French and, briefly, Dr. Nicolas Altobelli.

This report provides a brief summary of our accomplishments during the previous agreement and outlines our plans for the years ahead. The Cassini Mission is now expected to continue into 2017, so this proposal describes our planned work for most of the remainder of the Cassini tour. Our activities encompass conducting fundamental scientific research with the CIRS data, plus meeting a large and continuing set of responsibilities for mission operations and planning.