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gamma ray bursts
Danger, Will Robinson
The night sky, at least when you can see it, appears placid, serene and as inviting as a cold brew on a muggy afternoon. Don’t be fooled. The real universe is a nasty mélange of stuff that’s mostly scorching hot or bitterly cold. The blackness of space is shot through with lethal particles and radiation. Without doubt, the “final frontier,” often depicted as a beguiling playground for our Spandex-attired descendants, is deceptively treacherous.

SETI Institute logo animation
Check out the animated version of our new logo
saturns rings
Could Saturn's rings be very young?
mars question
Are microscopic Martians buried here?
SETI logo July 27, 2016
The SETI Institute, a renowned nonprofit research organization, has unveiled a new logo and brand mark to better reflect its mission to search for, and understand, life beyond Earth.
earth proxima
The Nearest Exoplanets?
They would be the closest worlds beyond the solar system. If there are planets around the double star Alpha and Beta Centauri, they’re a mere 4 light-years distant, a remove so small we might actually be able to send space probes there in the foreseeable future.
campaign for SETI
Campaign for SETI
Your support during the Campaign for SETI will sustain critical optical and radio SETI research projects and allow us to continue innovating in our quest for extraterrestrial signals.
chryse planitia
From Viking to Mars 2020 – Searching for Habitability and Life on Mars
Forty years ago, Viking 1 landed on the western slope of Chryse Planitia on Mars. The first spacecraft of two in this twin mission entered Mars’ orbit on June 19, 1976.
The view from Juno
The view from Juno
NASA provided Fourth of July excitement this year when the Juno spacecraft arrived at the majestic planet Jupiter and successfully went into orbit. Juno is only the second spacecraft to orbit Jupiter, after the Galileo mission of the 1990s. Its particular focus is to understand the inner workings of giant planets.
May activity report
Activity Report of the SETI Institute May 2016
In the May 2016 report, among numerous publications you will see listed are: “Alien Mindscapes – Perspective on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence,” in Astrobiology; “Disk Dispersal: Theoretical understanding and observational constraints,” explained in Space Science Reviews; “Stratigraphy and Formation of Clays and Other Hydrated Minerals within a Depression in Coprates Catena,” revealed in the Journal of Geophysical Research.