When Will We Find Extraterrestrial Life? with Seth Shostak

Event Date: 7 pm on Tuesday, June 25th

845 Stewart Drive, Suite C, Sunnyvale, CA

Mars is dry and – as far as we know – dead. The scientific hunt for extraterrestrial intelligence is now into its fifth decade, and we still haven’t uncovered a confirmed “peep” from any cosmic company. Could all this mean that finding biology beyond Earth, even if it exists, is a project for the ages – one that might take centuries or longer?

New approaches to detecting life suggest that there is good reason to expect a discovery of microbic organisms on other worlds soon, and that we could uncover evidence of sophisticated civilizations within a few decades.

Seth Shostak from the SETI Institute will talk about why this possibility may be more than wishful thinking and what contact would mean. He will share the work SETI is doing in continuing efforts to establish our place in the universe of living things.

$25.00 per person

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