Weekly Digest March 28, 2014

Kepler-22bWhy SuperEarths are not Earthlike
Kepler data indicate that there are many planets that could be Earthlike in the sense of having a similar bulk composition. David Stevenson explains why such planets are unlikely to be Earthlike in other respects.

Big Picture ScienceBig Picture Science Radio Show - Do the Math
Math isn’t scary. It helps us describe and design our world, and can be easier to grasp than the straight edge of a protractor.

Franck MarchisFranck Marchis and the SOFIA Flight
Franck Marchis will share the details of his recent experience aboard SOFIA.

peter-jenniskensMeet Our Scientists — Peter Jenniskens
Peter Jenniskens, Senior research scientist at the Carl Sagan Center of the SETI Institute, is best known for his recovery of fragments of asteroid 2008 TC3 in the Nubian Desert of northern Sudan.