Weekly Digest Jan. 24, 2014

assemblyVideo - Some assembly required: Nature's instruction booklet for planetary migration
We once thought planets formed peacefully in situ in their natal disks and subsequently followed their orbits like clockwork. However, there is growing evidence that the typical planetary system forms with "some assembly required" and undergoes a dynamical rearrangement through planetary migration processes.

memoryBig Picture Science Radio Show: Forget to Remember
Find out what's it's like - and whether it's desirable - to live in a world of total recall.

Cosmic webCosmic 'web' seen for first time
Cosmic 'web' seen for first time - the hidden tendrils of dark matter that underlie the visible Universe may have been traced out.

ISSVideo - Orbit. ISS Time-lapse
Enjoy! This time lapse footage from the ISS has it all - a silvery Moon setting into the Earth’s atmosphere, the dazzling Milky Way rising into a brilliant sunrise, airglow of all colors, popping lightning, shimmering aurorae, and incredible views of the stunning space station and our gorgeous planet.

enceladusAmazing photo of Enceladus venting
Enceladus venting some hot temper while circling around Saturn...I really hope we get a mission going there real fast. It could be just an orbiter passing through the geyser plumes and analyzing composition, organics, etc. That would be so...(hot?) (cool?)...Meanwhile, this Cassini image is, as usual, awesome...

mars"Photosynthesis is Possible on the Surface of Mars"
"We have shown the first time, that in particular photosynthesis is possible in micro-niches on the surface of Mars..."

europaScientists eager for mission to search for life on Jupiter's moon, Europa
After last December's announcement that the Hubble Space Telescope spotted what may be water geysers erupting from Jupiter's icy moon Europa, it may be time for us to refocus our search for life on other bodies in the solar system.