Weekly Digest Feb. 21, 2014

Large Synoptic Survey TelescopeThe Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
It will be the mother of all telescopes, and you can bet it will do for astronomy what genome sequencing is doing for biology.

bullet galaxyBullet Galaxies and Dark Matter
In this talk, Marusa Bradac will discuss how astronomers observe the invisible matter in one of the true gems on the sky: a giant cluster of galaxies also called the Bullet Cluster.

paleo dietBig Picture Science Radio Show - Skeptic Check: Paleo Diet
What's for dinner? Meat, acorns, tubers, and fruit. Followers of the Paleo diet say we should eat what our ancestors ate 10,000 years ago, when our genes were perfectly in sync with the environment.

Mars doughnutMars Rover Heads Uphill After Solving 'Doughnut' Riddle
Remember the mystery rock on Mars that caused so much inquiry? Opportunity has solved the puzzle.http://buff.ly/1eA8PUJ

Mars rock formationMartian dune field
In this image of a Martian dune field in a large crater, the dunes give the impression of flying in a "V" formation. The spacing of individual dunes is a function of sand supply, wind speed, and topography.

boy astronautZybek begins Kickstarter project for synthetic Moon dust
So, we might not all be able to go to the Moon, but if this company gets its way, we may be able to buy (synthetic) Moon dust.

European Space Agency's Solar OrbiterPrehistoric Paint to Shield European Sun Probe from Solar Inferno
Cool! The ESA's Solar Orbiter, set to launch toward the sun in 2017, will be sheilded from the solar inferno by a paint once used in prehistoric cave art.

chelyabinsk meteorUnited Nations Takes Aim at Asteroid Threat to Earth
As the anniversary of last year's surprise Russian meteor explosion nears, a United Nations action team is taking steps to thwart dangerous space rocks, including setting up a warning network and a planning advisory group that would coordinate a counterpunch to cosmic threats