SPIE Montreal for the GPI team: work, social event and a landslide of papers


Hello all,

It was an important week for the Gemini Planet Imager Consortium. Several of us met at SPIE Astro in Montreal, Quebec, Canada to present our work on GPI. Katie Morzinski wrote a blog post describing the GPI-focused events at the conference, so I will briefly give my perspective.

Yesterday, we submitted simultaneously 18 proceedings summarizing the analysis of data collected during the first light runs. I attached at the bottom of this post the complete list of proceedings. I recommend you check them if you want to know more about the first-sky results with this fantastic instrument.

The conference was also an opportunity for several members of the consortium to meet again, and for some of us to meet for the first time after several years communicating by emails. The Dunlap Institute, one of the partners of the consortium, invited the GPI team to a dinner in a fantastic Italian restaurant. Thanks Quinn for coordinating this memorable GPI event.

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